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Pain relief delivered directly to your door.

PainFree Patrol offers a revolutionary form of laser therapy. This therapy is unique among any other form of pain management. Most pain management clinics use an approach requiring painful injections and/or surgery, and most of them come with a prescription for drugs. Non-invasive approaches such as acupuncture or acupressure do not promote healing and, therefore do not relieve pain at its source.

PainFree Patrol’s system has a unique approach to identifying the source of the pain. PainFree Patrol takes steps not only to remedy the source of a patient’s pain but to help prevent pain from returning. PainFree Patrol provides a confident treatment without drugs, injections, surgery, or side effects. The lasers we treat with are FDA cleared. Our patients inform us that our laser achieves much better results than any other treatment option that they have tried. We are so confident that this treatment will work for you, that PainFree Patrol offers an initial no-cost consultation and the first treatment is free.