PainFree Patrol is a mobile service specializing in laser pain therapy treatments. Because our units are “mobile” they can travel to the patients home and just about any other location to administer the treatments (such as office buildings, businesses, apartment complexes, retirement communities, country clubs and more). This is especially important in the pain therapy industry since being in pain makes travel difficult.

PainFree Patrol is the 21st Century approach to laser pain therapy. Previously, customers would have to provide their own transportation to pain relief centers for treatment. However, by taking this step and creating a mobile unit that can go to the patient, we’ve made pain relief convenient and effortless.

PainFree Patrol deep tissue laser therapy provides a high degree of clinical success. Our prime customer base of “baby boomers” (born between 1946 and 1964) is more than 80 million strong. Additionally, almost everyone between the ages of 18 and 95 has pain issues which make our customer base even larger.

PainFree Patrol has an exclusive franchise working model is efficient and uncomplicated. Our FDA cleared treatments are non-invasive. We do not use drugs, surgery, or injections and best of all there are no side effects. The treatments are painless and soothing and the results are astounding. PainFree Patrol does not require a doctor to be on site.

PainFree Patrol has a “Signature Van” where Laserologists can administer treatments. Once the initial investment fees are paid, the franchisee is in business. There is no landlord, no lease, no building insurance, and no building maintenance.

PainFree Patrol van is equipped with an iPad and GPS system, a ramp or steps, lights, electric outlets, a treatment table, and signage. Franchisee supplies chairs, pillows, towels, and gowns etc.

PainFree Patrol mobile units interior will be comfortable and inviting.

PainFree Patrol Laserologists will be friendly and personable. Additionally, they will be clean, neat, courteous, well trained and dressed in Ceil Blue scrubs and white coats with picture ID name tags. Franchisees will conduct background checks prior to hiring process.

PainFree Patrol advertising and promotion will be paid from the collective advertising fund. The Corporate Advertising Department will collect a fee from each franchisee every month and place advertising for all the PainFree Patrol franchise owners.

PainFree Patrol LLC will suggest the pricing structure. Pricing suggestions may differ from state to state. Protected territories will be established.