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Ankle and Foot


Ankle and Foot


There are many different things that can cause ankle and foot pain. Achilles Tendonitis is common among athletes training under less than ideal conditions. There are two types of this condition, tendonitis–the inflammation of the tendon, and Tendonosis–tiny tears in the tissue around the tendon. Caused by overuse of the affected limb.

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Strains and Sprains can occur when ligaments twist or overstretch. This typically happens in an ankle or other joint. Caused by walking or exercising on an uneven surface, foot rolling incorrectly during an athletic activity or due to accidents.

I was experiencing severe ankle pain. The results of an MRI indicated that I needed to have my ankle fused together. I also had torn ligaments and tendons. I tried Ibuprofen and stretching. My experience with your laser treatments has been excellent! I was having trouble with everyday activities and sports. After one treatment I noticed a huge difference in my pain level. I was able to do things that I have not done since my injury occured years ago, without any pain medication. It has continued to work very well for me after several weeks of treatment and I am extremely pleased! I would recommend your laser pain treatments as an alternative to surgery to anyone who has any type of injury.

Dave T., - Ankle and Foot

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