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Rotator Cuff


Rotator Cuff


The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that cover the top of your upper arm bone and assist in rotating the shoulder. Rotator cuff pain or injury, which is fairly common, involves any type of irritation or damage to your rotator cuff muscles or tendons.

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Tendonitis, a result of inflammation due to overuse, usually overhead activities, such as tennis or racquetball. Bursitis, a fluid-filled sac (bursa) between your shoulder joint and rotator cuff. Strain or tear, left untreated, tendonitis can weaken a tendon and lead to chronic tendon degeneration or to a tendon tear. Stress from overuse may cause a shoulder tendon or muscle to tear. Calcium buildup in the tendons causes a painful condition called calcific tendonitis. Our laser therapy can help reduce rotator cuff pain.

I could not raise my arm above shoulder height. I had cortizone shots and physical therapy for a month with very little improvement. After your laser treatments I can raise my arm above my head without pain! I can pull-start my lawn mower and other machinery without pain. More importantly, I can now swing a golf club without pain.

Joe B., - Rotator Cuff/Tendonitis

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