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Back Pain

I was experiencing lower back pain and numbness in both legs. Nothing helped – I tried chiropractic, steroid injections, pain medications and physical therapy. After a series of treatments, I now have very little pain. It’s the best I have felt in many years. I can’t say enough about the staff … thank you. I now live pain free! —Pamela G.

As I packed up my house to move, I tore a muscle from a repeated motor injury causing centralized pain and weakness down my left side and back. I was bedridden for a month. I could only sit, stand and walk for short periods of time. Slowly, I was able to alleviate the pain and sit, stand, walk and bend without pain. I am now back to normal activity. I am grateful for laser therapy; this modality heals at the cellular level.
Karen W.     ^^Back to Top^^


With arthritis in both knees, bone on bone, I was in a lot of pain continuously. Even glucosamine shots didn’t help. After the first treatment, both knees felt better immediately and since completion of my series of treatments I have been able to walk around the mall with little or no pain. I feel that laser pain therapy has given me back my life at work and at home.
Mary A.

The arthritis pain in my left big toe from bunion surgery has been steadily improving over my treatment period. I do not rely on pain relievers for pain control any longer and I can now wear heels to work again!
Sharon S.     ^^Back to Top^^

Osteoarthritis (Bone-on-bone)

The pain in my knees from osteoarthritis has improved dramatically. I used to wince when I walked down the stairs and but now I have no pain. I did not realize how much pain I was experiencing until it was gone. I feel better than I have in years thanks to the treatments. —Tom T.

Even though I have osteoarthritis in both knees, my left knee was so painful I had to restrict activities significantly. I was concerned and was avoiding the drugs or toxic injections suggested by my doctor. I started to experience significant relief after a number of laser pain therapy sessions. After completing my treatments, I am nearly pain free. I have my life back without drugs. Osteoarthritis is a major problem for the older people so being pain free is a remarkable feat.
Anne D.

Sitting down and standing up was a painful ordeal. I couldn’t walk more than 20 feet or so before I had to sit. Pain in my hip was very bad. I endured steroid shots and tried pain medications. After the treatments, I was able to stand and sit without pain and I was able to walk to the baseball fields without stopping.
Christine D.     ^^Back to Top^^

Musculoskeletal Pain

I had been in excruciating pain. After my series of laser pain therapy treatments the pain is gone. It’s a success! I will never go back to the needle shots again. On a scale of 1-10 my experience was a 10.
Jim O.

After a car accident I had intense shoulder and neck pain. After the series of laser treatments my pain disappeared. Ongoing treatments for my achilles tendonitis are allowing me to live pain free and to run again!
Jim M.     ^^Back to Top^^


Several months of severe sciatic pain has made it very difficult to walk, bend or sleep. Within a few laser pain therapy sessions, I was able to stop one of my pain medications, and after a few more sessions I was only taking ibuprofen. I could tell my pain level was going down and energy level going up.
Carol T.

I suffered with severe lower leg pain, bulging discs and arthritis, and tried physical therapy, acupuncture, two different chiropractors and swimming pool therapy. I felt relief after my first laser treatment. After a series of treatments, I am pain free! I only feel stiff in the morning. This is my miracle! Thank you for blasting my pain away!
Mary L.

After the series of treatments on my lower back, shoulder and knee, I have no pain. I had one relapse where I over-exercised, stepped wrong and tweaked my back. Two sessions later, I was back to no pain. In December I started a combination package of back and shoulder treatments. I play competitive badminton and bowl , which are two of the worst things for shoulders according to my orthopedic doctor. However, the pain in the shoulder is lessening and the back is stable. The laser pain therapy treatments are the only ones that have worked for me.
Rick N.      ^^Back to Top^^

Sacroiliac Pain (S.I. Joint)

In February of 2012 I started feeling extreme, constant, nagging pain in my sacroiliac joint. It went on for 18 months. I tried many treatments; cortizone injection, 3 months of physical therapy 3 times a week, 3 joint injections in the S.I. joint, and many other over-the-counter home remedies with no relief. After hearing of your laser pain treatments from relatives and friends who had treatments with excellent results, they convinced me to try the treatments. After a series of treatments I am able to resume my daily activities.
Lorraine W      ^^Back to Top^^

Ankle Pain

I was experiencing severe ankle pain. The results of an MRI indicated that I needed to have my ankle fused together. I also had torn ligaments and tendons. I tried Ibuprofen and stretching. My experience with your laser treatments has been excellent! I was having trouble with everyday activities and sports. After one treatment I noticed a huge difference in my pain level. I was able to do things that I have not done since my injury occured years ago, without any pain medication. It has continued to work very well for me after several weeks of treatment and I am extremely pleased! I would recommend your laser pain treatments as an alternative to surgery to anyone who has any type of injury.
Dave T     ^^Back to Top^^


I had horrible migraines my whole life. After your laser pain therapy treatments, no more! Thank you!
Mary B.     ^^Back to Top^^

Plantar Fasciitis

My experience with your laser pain treatments can simply be described as amazing!
—Dawn A

I walked with a limp and could not walk barefoot at all due to heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Standing for any length of time was unbearable. I tried everything; insoles, stretching, ice and ultrasound therapy. After my laser treatments, the pain was gone. I can walk barefoot with no pain and can even run pain free!
Holly N.

My pain level has improved with both the nerve pain in both upper thighs and plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I took a two week vacation and never noticed my pain. I was so excited to be able to walk around on my cruise and experience hardly any pain in my left foot.  Your laser treatments have changed my life!  My sincere thanks.
Judy L.

I had been experiencing pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis for a year and a half. When the pain is severe, I can barely walk. After your laser treatments I’m well on my way to beating plantar fasciitis. I can take the dog for a walk and not limp back home.
Kevin H.     ^^Back to Top^^

Knee Pain

I had numbness in both hands and a burning sensation, plus a tear in the cartilage in my left knee. Your laser treatments have really helped relieve the former steady pain and burning sensations. The knee swelling has remained down and is back to a normal; I can walk without pain. I continue to feel better and can now take long walks without pain or weakness.

Roy P.     ^^Back to Top^^

Post-Accident Trauma

A car accident injury caused my inability to make a fist or bend fingers on right hand. I had physical therapy for five months, but once I had your laser pain treatments, my two center fingers loosened. Now the discomfort is gone and I can hold things with my right hand and also make a fist.
John P     ^^Back to Top^^

Morton's Neuroma

In 2006 I started to develop a foot condition called Morton’s Neuroma which has worsened steadily over the last 7 years, often making my working days very difficult to get through and my life miserable in general. The thing with Morton’s Neuroma is this: It’s not like having tired achy feet after a long day at work or shopping because even if you sit down and prop up your feet they are still painful due to the fact that it is nerve pain.
After visiting several podiatrists over the years I was treated with injections, show inserts, medications, and massage. Nothing was relieving the pain. I finally gave up on the injections and I would only get minimal relief for about a week from them. I tried medication for several months without much relief either and was starting to give up hope and have to accept this way of life and deal with it.
On my last visit to a podiatrist she suggested surgery…NO WAY! It was too long of a recovery time and not much of a guarantee that there would be any improvement. I was desperate. and it scared me to think I had to live like that.
Then one day I heard your advertisement on the radio for Laser Therapy Treatments and truthfully it sounded too good to be true! I wondered if it could possibly help me so as soon as I got home I called and made an appointment.
After the first complimentary treatment on one foot only I was convinced it was not a hoax and couldn’t wait to sign up for further treatment. The foot they treated felt entirely different from the foot not yet treated. As of today I feel as if laser therapy has given me back my life. Most days my feet feel so good I forget they were ever painful. Thank God.
Linda M     ^^Back to Top^^


I was experiencing excruciating, burning pain of both feet. My feet hurt to the point I wanted to cut them off. The pain wouldn’t let me sleep at night more than four hours intermittently. I tried medications and went to five foot specialists to alleviate the pain. I tried new shoes, inserts, hot and cold water treatments, and foot massages to no avail.
After the first laser treatment I felt relief. All I wanted was to dance at my sons wedding. To my surprise I was able to dance with my son with no pain. My feet get better with each treatment. After several treatments I was able to take a two week vacation. I would recommend laser treatments to anyone experiencing pain.
Karol B-C     ^^Back to Top^^

Rotator Cuff/Tendonitis

I could not raise my arm above shoulder height. I had cortizone shots and physical therapy for a month with very little improvement.
After your laser treatments I can raise my arm above my head without pain! I can pull-start my lawn mower and other machinery without pain. More importantly, I can now swing a golf club without pain.
Joe B.     ^^Back to Top^^

Hand Injury

After a car accident I was unable to make a fist or bend fingers on my right hand. I tried physical therapy for 5 months attempting to alleviate interior scar tissue discomfort.

Your laser therapy treated my hand and loosened my fingers. My discomfort was gone. I can hold things with my hand and make a fist. Solved!
John P     ^^Back to Top^^

Spinal Stenosis

I suffered with severe lower leg pain attributed to Stenosis, bulging discs, and arthritis. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, 2 chiropractors, and swimming pool therapy without relief.

I was encouraged when I saw a friend who, after your laser treatments, was standing upright when she had been bent over before starting treatments. After a series of treatments I am virtually pain free. Thank you!
Mary H.     ^^Back to Top^^


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